Sunday 25 January 2015

25.1.2015, Fremont, California

Went out for a morning walk ( it must be night in India )
The sun was shining. A cool breeze was blowing. There was a lot of oxygen in the air ( I call it air-conditioned air ). Wonderful for health.
The houses are mostly single-storeyed with tiled roofs. The streets are spick and span. There is vegetation everywhere. I do not know the names of the green trees, but they are probably birch, fir, pine and/or palm trees.
 One can see the green hills in the background. The sight is like a beautiful painting, and I wish I was a painter
 I want to get back to India fast, but my relatives won't let me. They probably want to keep me away from harm's way, as they perhaps think that what I say on fb and on my blog may get me into trouble.
California, is of course, paradise, but I have ' promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep'.

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