Tuesday 13 January 2015

Why I will never enter politics

Many of you in your comments on my posts on fb and on my blog  have asked me to enter politics, but I have always said that I am not cut out for it. Let me  now explain.

I have never been a popularity seeker. I do not want to please you, and I do not want your votes. I want to see India prosperous, and for that reason I hate feudal ideas and practices, since they are the greatest obstacles to modernization and progress, and I hate injustice to anyone, which was inculcated into me at a very early age by my teacher, the great French thinker Rousseau.

 For this reason I hate the feudal and backward customs and practices among both Hindus and Muslims---the caste system among Hindus ( see my article on the caste system on my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in ) which is still a curse on the Indian people,, and oral talaq among Muslims ( see my article ' Abolish this Unjust Muslim Personal Law on my blog ) which keeps a damocles' sword hanging over every Muslim wife.

 That is why I will never enter politics, because in politics one has to pander and truckle to caste and religious sentiments and vote banks, which i find disgusting. If I pander and cater to them, I will be betraying all the principles which I have believed in and fought for all my life.


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  2. Yes, you should not enter politics!
    If you enter politics, you will make Katrina Kaif President of India as you believe.
    And if you think Katrina is suitable for this post then why not Sunny Leone?
    Please reply, is Sunny Leone also suitable for this post?

  3. good descision never join politics and awake people from via blog and fb . do good job

  4. sir ,you wrote about "injustice" in your post,then why don't you come in politics and provide justice?.I mean you must come, if you are really worried about injustice.

  5. "I want to see India prosperous, and ... I hate feudal ideas and practices," but I'll never enter politics. I'll BLOG about it!!