Saturday 10 January 2015

Justice Dattu

The Chief Justice of India Justice Dattu in an interview with journalists said that Prime Minister Modi is ' A good leader, a good human being, and a man with foresight '.

This reminds one of the letter another Chief Justice of India, Justice P.N. Bhagwati wrote to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in which he said : “ May I offer you my heartiest congratulations on your resounding victory in the elections and your triumphant return as the Prime Minister of India...I am sure that with your iron will and firm determination, uncanny insight and dynamic vision, great administrative capacity and vast experience, overwhelming love and affection of the people and above all, a heart which is identified with the misery of the poor and the weak, you will be able to steer the ship of the nation safely to its cherished goal.”

 One wonders whether it is proper for a Chief Justice of India to talk openly like this ? As senior advocate and M.P. Majeed Memon said, such a statement may send a wrong impression in the public.


  1. In ADM Jabalpur case He supported the Government MISA policy.

  2. Dont lecture!!after retirement you got this post by selling urself

  3. एक ये मसला भी सर आपके सामने रखना चाहूंगा की मेने कुछ गलत तो नहीं कहा ?

  4. It's a shame. This guy, while Sonia Gandhi was in power, could not summon the requisite abdominal fortitude to say anything. Now he will"speak truth to power".Hey Katju, just don't.