Tuesday 13 January 2015

Congress : The End of the Road : Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

 Congress Party is fighting for survival in Delhi. Dalits, minorities etc have gravitated to AAP. So Congress vote bank has become zero.

 I met 3 senior Congress leaders at a wedding lunch recently. The 3 were all cabinet ministers in the UPA government, and are now back in legal practice, earning a lot of money ( one of them admitted to me that  he is charging Rs 30 lacs per day for appearing in Court ).

 I told them that Congress will never revive as long as Sonia and Rahul Gandhi remain its leaders. Sonia and Rahul are totally discredited. Scam after scam was taking pl,ace during UPA rule, not of crores of rupees, but of lacs of crores. What were they doing ? They were at the helm of affairs at that time. Surely they would be knowing where all this loot has gone.

 They smiled, but said nothing.


  1. Now congress is moving in a dark room.

  2. As Expected, Now Delhi next UP and Bihar .... West Bengal...... Most unethical shameful political party in the world is Indian National Congress. I guessed it when it got 44 in LS2014. Thanks for proving it by its own diminishers.

  3. 30 lakhs per day is big money. Then what will be Income Tax for that? Are they filing correct IT return?