Thursday 8 January 2015

The Delhi Assembly Elections

I have a feeling that precisely for the reason why BJP got a majority in the Lok Sabha election 2014, AAP may get a majority in the Delhi Assembly election, 2015.

 The reason is this : people in India want a positive dream to go for, like the children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

 When Indira Gandhi gave the slogan ' Garibi Hatao ', her opponents had no positive dream to counter this, and so people voted in droves for her party. Similarly when Modi gave the positive  slogan ' Vikas ', the Congress had no positive slogan to match it.

 Now AAP has given the positive slogan of 'Honesty' and reduction of electricity and water bills, while BJP has no positive slogan to match it. Evidently the 'people have seen through the ' Vikas' slogan, and have realized it was empty gas. Muslims, of whom there are a large number in Delhi, will as usual, vote for the strongest non BJP party ( and after 'ghar wapasi' and 'haraamzade' they will vote en bloc ). Since Congress has given a walk over by retaining the discredited Sonia and Rahul Gandhi as its leader, that leaves only AAP.

 It is another matter that after AAP comes to power ( assuming it does ) people will soon get to know that they were only sold a dream, and that there is no substantial change. But that realization will come only later. At present there is a positive dream presented by AAP ( while BJP has none ),and people are likely to go for it.

 However, I may be wrong in my assessment.


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  2. However, you might be; but only for the last accessment. The rest is "Katu Satya!"

  3. Kejriwal, (with due respects),has proved to be a good opposition leader;but as
    Chief Minister which post fell on his lap, he let it go--just like that.--a development
    which will remain a black mark against him.. To climb back to the Chief Minister's
    gaddi again is not going to be easy for him... no, sirree.People remember him only
    as one with knee-jerk actions and reactions.

    Sathya Pararth