Saturday 17 January 2015

My defect
People often ask me : Justice Katju, why do you create controversies by your statements ?
 My answer has always been :  I have no desire to create controversies. I am not a publicity seeker or popularity seeker ( as some people accuse me of being ). In fact I have a low opinion of publicity or popularity seekers. I have no desire to please you, and do not seek your vote. I will never enter politics, because if I do I will have to enter into compromises ( catering to casteist and communal vote banks, etc and making false promises ) which will be against all the principles I have believed in and fought for, and I would rather be dead than do that.
 But I have one great defect ( if you would call it that ) : when I see my country going to dogs I cannot remain silent. Others may be deaf and dumb but I am not. So i wiil speak out. As the great Urdu poet Faiz said : " Bol ki lab azad hain tere, bol zubaan ab tak teri hai ". And when I speak out there is a controversy. So what can I do ?
 I never seek controversy, but if controversy chases me, what can I do ? Should I too become deaf and dumb ?


  1. well said sir, it the silence of the intellectuals that cause more harm than shouting of you know who...

  2. Others may be deaf and dumb but I am not. So i wiil speak out. sir u are right ,u speak and write with more sharp -straight -sure -truth. we like it.

  3. Your comments r meaningful,needful & have powerful thoughts.It is true that u never chase controversy & controversy never chase u but either some controversial people/organizations or swarthy nature people creates controversy .Surya k eek Karin hi Saver-y k Sande-sh d date h.