Tuesday 6 January 2015

Toppers on Tableaux

It is reported in the Indian Express today (6.1.2015) that the Union HRD Ministry is planning something unique for the forthcoming Republic Day Parade. It is proposed that the toppers in the CBSE examinations be standing on  tableaux in the parade.

 I suggest that one topper should be dressed as Hanumanji, another as Jamwantji, a third as Ganeshji , the next as Kakbhushandiji, the one next as Varaha Devta, thereafter by Yamaraj, and the last one as Bhasmasur. If they are female toppers ( which is happening increasingly nowadays ),they can be dressed up as Lakshmi ( who needs to be most worshipped nowadays ), Kali, Durga, Mahishashurmardini, Chandi, Tara, etc and if she is also attractive, as a Menaka, Urvashi, Rambha, Chitralekha, Tilottama, Shakuntala, Draupadi, Kunti or some other apsara or other beautiful woman

And of course you must have one topper dressed as Rishi Bharadwaj standing near an aeroplane he invented, so as to make some of our scientists at the  recent Indian Science Congress happy.
 Hari Om