Sunday 25 January 2015

Republic Day

Tomorrow is Republic Day for India.

I never celebrate Republic Day or Independence Day.

I regard it as a cruel farce and an insult to my people to celebrate them when over 75% of my countrymen are living in horrible poverty, when half our children are malnourished, when there is massive unemployment and lack of healthcare and good education for the Indian masses, when there is discrimination against women, dalits, minorities, etc, when there are atrocities against women, starting from even before their birth ( female foeticide ),  dowry deaths, etc,when barbaric social practices like ' honour killing ' still continue, when farmers are regularly committing suicide, when corruption is rampant despite all talk of ' good governance ', when our netas bluff our people with false promises of ' vikas', etc with no intention of ever fulfilling them.

You all may participate in this farce, but please don't expect me to join in it.

 My Republic Day and Independence Day will be celebrated when the Indian masses are having happy prosperous lives with a high standard of living. I am quite sure that day will come long after I am dead. But on that day I will be showering flowers and rose petals on my motherland from the skies


  1. True sir....
    Crores have been spent by the government to please the big power as they say it ignoring the brutal realities that people in this country live with.

  2. According to Bhakt Jan another Traitor.

  3. You had the chance to do something about it when you were the judge of the Supreme Court; but did you do anything about it?

  4. And what do you do on the Republic day instead for those 75% Indians? Write a blog?
    You are still better than 99% of Indians and can make personal efforts to change the fate of hundreds of Indians. How many villages have you visited Katzu saab? It would have been much better if instead of writing these pseudo-intellectual blogs, you would have spent some time helping our lesser brethren. In that case, you could have a ltlle less pain in your heart.

    Jai Hind.