Tuesday 13 January 2015

Katrina Kaif for President of India

Croatia, which has an ailing economy, has elected a beautiful woman, Ms. Grabar-Kitarovic, as its President.
 I am always in favour of electing beautiful women, like film actresses, on all posts. This is because politicians will promise the moon, but not do anything for the public welfare. So since you must have  someone, why not vote for a beautiful face ? At least you will get some momentary happiness looking at her face in the media. Otherwise you will get nothing at all.
I suggest we make Katrina Kaif the next President of India,  but on condition, that she sings ' Sheela ki Jawaani' on her Inaugural !
 Hari Om !


  1. Ya sure and we likely to see her face all the time if she being the president of India.
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  2. Is this real account of Mr. Katju? seems fake one!

  3. Katju Mahashay, Ab toh aap budhe ho chuke hain, kuchh dhram gyan ki baatein kijiye....
    Ab toh Sheela ki Jawani se dhyan hata lijiye...

  4. haaa..ha... beautiful face rule over indian democracy very true satire for foolish people who eleect and voted

  5. Dear Sir,

    Have seen Ms. Grabar-Kitarovic's credentials?

    In 2002-2003 she attended George Washington University as a Fulbright scholar.[6][7] She also received a Luksic Fellowship for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and was a visiting scholar at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.[2]

  6. Here's some more:

    In 1992, Grabar-Kitarović became an advisor to the international cooperation department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Croatia.[8] In 1993 she moved to the foreign ministry, becoming an advisor.[8] In 1995 she became the head of the North American department of the foreign ministry, remaining in that position until 1997.[8] In 1997 she began to work at the Croatian embassy in Canada, as a diplomatic councilor until October 1998 and then as a minister-councilor.[9] She remained in Canada until 2000.

    She speaks Croatian, English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and has basic understanding of German, French, and Italian.[2][8]

  7. Sir again you are wrong. We want a Prime Minister like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who ruled the country for 30 years and made it rich. We want someone like Deng Xiaoping who could do it for China by opening up economy and making China a successful manufacturing hub although China has few issues still it is not as poverty ridden and sick like India.

    Rahul Gandhi was a mistake by Congress. I think Congress is as good as finished because now with youth they will not be able to connect via social media, pep talks since they still continued their old age customers of employing dynasty and corrupt at top... They never changed with changing time. Now it is on the verge of total collapse. Some one like AAP if they do well, now can spread their wings outside Delhi

  8. Sirji, Please don't let your brilliance be negated by these unnecessary and uncalled for blog. I don't want anyone's respect for you to be lowered. There are very few who i respect and you are certainly one of them.

    1. Thank god he said Katrina Kaif and not sunny leone as President. Else Modi's dream of make in India would realized with prematurity of make porn in India and India instead of giving competition to China in manufacturing would have given competition to Thailand in sandwich massage

  9. बहुत खूब काटजू साहब,
    भारतीय लोकतंत्र के मंदिर में बैठे 543 देवताओं पर इससे बेहतर प्रहार इस प्रसंग पर हो ही नहीं सकता था।
    मेरा समर्थन इस पोस्ट में हैं

  10. Kataz aur iss andaz mai.
    kabhi suna na ta, kabhi dekha na tha.
    Maaza aagaya.
    It is only possible if katrina gets married to Rahul G.
    Bcoz she will acquire all skills required to be President of India.
    Hari Om.

  11. மார்கண்டேய கட்ஜூவின் "Katrina Kaif for President of India" என்ற கருத்து அவர் உண்மையிலெயே கத்ரினா கைப்பை ஜனாதியதியாக்க வேண்டும் என்று அவர் நினைத்து எழுதியதாக தோன்றவில்லை. இந்திய அரசியல்வாதிகள் மக்களுக்காக ஒன்றும் செய்வதில்லை. அதே போல் Katrina Kaif வும் ஒன்றும் செய்யப்போவதில்லை. இந்த அரசியல் வாதிகளை செய்தியில் பார்ப்பதற்கு பதிலாக Katrina Kaif ஐ பார்க்கலாம் என்று நினைத்து இருப்பார்போல.

    இதன் உச்ச கட்டம் என்ன வென்றால் Katrina Kaif ஷீலா கிஜவானி பாடல் பாட வேன்டும் என்று சொன்னது தான்.

    ஆனால் முன்னால் உச்சநீதி மன்ற நீதிபதியாக இருந்து Chairman of press Council of India போன்ற உயரிய பதவியில் இருந்துகொண்டு இதுபோன்ற கருத்து தெரிவிப்பது மிகவும் வருந்ததக்கது.

    அவர் தன் கருத்துக்கு தற்போது மன்னிப்பு கோரியுள்ளார்.

    -அர்ச்சுனன் ரவீந்தர்

  12. To be president we need some skills not beauty .

  13. Hello ....I request you all to praise this innocent beauty...this is 100 times more beautiful than Shazia or Katrina......Katju Sir will feel bad if u dont admire her......you will immediately fall in love with her