Friday 2 January 2015

Making us a Laughing Stock

The 102nd Indian Science Congress is going to be held in Mumbai from 4th January, 2015
According to the abstract of a paper to be presented in it, the mention of 'vimaanas; or flying machines in several Sanskrit texts proves that ancient Indian rishis like Agastya and Bharadwaj had developed the science of aircraft construction and aeronautical engineering. This would be in line with the Prime Minister's statement that in ancient India our surgeons could do head transplant and genetic engineering.

 However, no reply has as yet been given to my question : If there were aeroplanes in ancient India, there must have been engines in ancient India, because an aeroplane runs on an engine ( or more than one engine ). Then why was the Mahabharata war fought with chariots and horses, instead of with tanks, self propelled artillery, and motorized katyushkas ?

  It is true that there is mention of vimaanas in our epics like the Mahabhatata. But these are epic poems, and in poetry a poet has, what is known as , poetic licence. In other words, he can exaggerate. So everything written in the Mahabharat or Ramayana should not be taken and understood literally.

 There were certainly no aircraft in ancient India. Even a child knows that the first aircraft in the world was invented by the Wright brothers in 1903. Though it is true that Sushruta had invented plastic surgery in ancient India, this did not enable a surgeon to do head transplant.

 I regret to say that these ' champions ' of Indian culture are largely ignorant of our culture and the real great achievements of our ancestors ( see my article ' Sanskrit as a language of Science ' ), but by making false and empty boasts ( see my blog ' Mixing the True with the Untrue ' ) they make us a laughing stock before the whole world.


  1. Public understand this childish translation of our mythology. They must present the missing links, if any, before us. Onus lies on them.

  2. One of the most prestigious schemes of government to recognise and honour distinguished academics and scholars- the National Research Professorship scheme- is also now beginning to get a saffron twist.

    The BJP led government is considering three new candidates to be designated as National Research Professors-all three seen as BJP and RSS symapthisers. Among these are eminent Kannada author Prof S L Bhyrappa whose novels paint Tipu Sultan as a religious fanatic, Dr Ashok Gajanan Modak - an Economics lecturer and a BJP Member of Legislative Council in Maharashtra for 12 years and Surya Kant Bali- a journalist and known RSS sympathiser whose book was recently released by RSS Joint General Secretary Dr Krishna Gopal in the presence of Union Human Resource Development minister Smriti Irani.

    Incidentally both Bhyrappa and Bali were among the signatories who issued a counter appeal in favour of Modi as the PM candidate after a number of eminent academics -seen by many as Left leaning-- had appealed with people not to vote for the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

    National Research Professors are held in great esteem and are usually highly acclaimed academics. Among these have been renowned physicist Prof Yash Pal, eminent economist Prof Jagdish Bhagwati, and noted scientist Prof CNR Rao among others. There are 12 positions offered under the NRP scheme- currently four are vacant. While these candidates are likely to be appointed to three of the positions, another has fallen vacant recently with the demise of historian Tapan Raychaudhuri last month.

    RSS is a tribal body who do not have any economic agenda. Their thinking of being hindu state would bring prosperity is a myth. Problem with them you cannot explain rational to them.

  3. Sir search for Vimana Shastra in Wikipedia,there are some schematics which they are claiming was the design of Vimana.Also your previous view that there is no mention of Rama as God in Valmiki Ramayana is also not correct,refer to Valmiki Ramayana,Baala Kaanda Sarga 15 Versae 27 & 28

  4. The extension of the phrase Satyam Bruyat (the title of his blog) is Priyam Bruyat (Speak sweet). The author must be knowing this but has not mentioned conveniently.