Friday 2 January 2015

You Don't Mess With People From Allahabad

In April 2012 I was invited by the Vice Chancellor of Patna University to give a talk. Since I had never been to Bihar in my life, I accepted the invitation.

 During my talk in the jam packed Wheeler Senate Hall in the University, I said that I had heard reports that there was no freedom of the press in Bihar.

 At this, one gentleman in the audience got up  and started shouting at me.

 I replied " Suniye. Aap mujhe hadka naheen sakte. Main Allahabad ka hoon. Allahabad ke logon ko koi naheen hadka sakta. Aapne ghalat aadmi se panga le liya hai. "

  The entire audience supported me, and the gentleman was driven out.
The moral of the story is : you don't mess with people from Allahabad.

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