Friday 30 January 2015

What is wrong with some of you people ?

What is wrong with some of you people ? Can't an old man like me admire a beautiful woman ?
 By admiring a beautiful flower I am not plucking it, and by admiring a beautiful garden from a distance I am not tresspassing onto it.
 Similarly, if I admire a beautiful woman I am not misbehaving with her, or taking liberties with her.


  1. Hi,

    Have you taken decision in supreme court because you saw beautiful face in the court room? Can you rationalise your interests to vote for Shazia just because she is beautiful?


  2. sir admire a beautiful woman or admiring a beautiful flower is right logic but is it compare with flower and women ?

  3. I cannot believe you (Justice Katju) are paying so much attention to the cheap attention grabbers. They don't really care what you say, they don't want to understand the meaning of what you say. As long as it helps them attract some viewership, or gives them a chance to grab people's attention, they will use anything. It doesn't matter if you explain yourself to them thousand times, they will keep misusing you.

    I really liked your earlier response, when you compared them with donkeys. You don't kick a donkey back if a donkey kicks you.

    I think you should keep writing without paying attention to anybody. Your writing inspires a lot of people. Thanks!

  4. Dear Sir your tweet are vry clear and your view are outspoken. nothing mind wts other saying. in ur tweet nothing make you misogynist and o on

  5. Listen people, Justice Katuju ji admiring a Shazia Imli who is at least a respectable woman in her field. Shazia has worked hard for her profession and then later joined politics for good reason. If you admire her, then there is nothing wrong.

    But if Justice Katuju had said he admires Sunny Leone, then I would have been the first person to criticise him and may be even abuse. First Sunny Leone is a digital prostitute. Bollywood people just for lust of money have glorified her in freedom of expression. It can have ripple effect as a young girl would go and search her on google and watch her porn movies and want to become Sunny Leone. She is already most searched women in India because more than anything people like to watch celebrity specially actress porn and nude movies.

    This cheap and third class female is becoming youth icon in India

  6. We understand you sir. Keep going as always!

  7. sir admire karna hai to apne room me akale me kijye, election is a very important matter and you of all people should understand it, and don't post such sexist tweets on twitter.

  8. Sir, I feel you deserve our respect for having the strength to speak your heart out... and also for having the courage to praise a woman's beauty. I think these days we all are too shy to let the poet in us express itself!!!

  9. Ha ha I agree Mr. Katju. Whenever I see a beautiful girl and I praise her, people mock me that I am being homosexual. But believe me I am totally straight. I have been reading your articles in The Hindu since last 4 years. Its great to see that someone has the guts to say the truth. I have suffered a great deal for my opinions.