Friday 30 January 2015

Went for a walk in the morning.

 I was about to cross a road when I saw a big car coming down the road at high speed. The car stopped. i waved at the driver requesting him to proceed. He smiled, and waved back at me, asking me to cross the road first. Only after I had crossed the road did he move his car.

 The respect given to pedestrians in America is amazing. I have seen a whole cavalcade of high speeding cars come to a grinding halt just because a single old white haired lady was standing at a zebra crossing to cross the road. They proceeded only after she had crossed the road. Does this ever happen in India ?

 The respect given to the handicapped is also amazing. People in wheel chairs in America have special parking spaces, special toilets, etc

 In this respect we have to learn from Americans.


  1. Sir,

    Please inform the readers of your blog that you gave and ensured and continue to ensure as much respect for the pedestrians and disabled when you were in office and were chauffeured around as you are admiring in the US Society. if you say that, with a hand on your heart, I will salute you. Otherwise, you can guess what I think of your post!

  2. Not only in America, but in Europe... even in Japan Singapore Taiwan Korea and other countries it is done. It is called discipline. If you go in Japan and if they throw garbage in stadium and after match is over, they will pick up the garbage before leaving the stadium.

    India is not a civilized country. They have taken bad part of america or imported bad habits of america which is drugs, guns, immoral activities.

    Did you notice onething in America and India? Here in India a person traveling in Ford SUV would do honking (press horn button continuously) disregarding and looked down a person traveling on scooter or bike as if he owns the road . In India a person traveling in Mercedes looked down on people traveling on scooter, small car, crycle, pedestrian as if they are insects.

    Interesting analysis is if you want to know the nature of people of country you have to see the flow of traffic how civilized people of the country are. In USA even stray dogs are fed properly and you wont find them anywhere like in India. In India neither government can take care of human or animal also. But USA is not that perfect Katju sir, they have high crime rate if you see.

    If you get a chance to travel in East Asian countries like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea you will see much more safer society because they have preserved their culture and values while touching progress..

    India is neither safe, nor prosperous. India had rich values in past. Now in urban people are loosing it that also thinking if we become Americanized we will be successful

  3. Problem with India is that it is led by looters, rapist, criminals who without seeing ground realities that first we need to control rising population which is root cause of all problem, followed by mass reforms in judiciary, system.

    My advise to you Katuju sir have a nice time in America because for the next 50 60 years they wont be progress in India unless an alarming situation arises here where some educated leader of next generation would lead the country.

  4. its the same in uk katju sahib.