Thursday 8 January 2015

The New Amazons

Boys, take my advice and give girls a wide berth instead of trying to be fresh with them.

I read in a leading Hindi newspaper today ( 8.1.2014 ) that a young woman near Loni is giving training to girls in the martial art invented by Bruce Lee called Jeet Kune Do. She has already trained one and a half thousand girls, many of whom have won national and state level competitions. She is now training girls in the trans Hindon area, and she has been invited by people from Indirapuram, R.K.Puram and various other localities to train the girls there.

 She teaches girls how hair pins, dupatta, purses, etc can be made deadly weapons.

 So beware, next time you try to flirt with a girl you may get a roundhouse kick or a fist on your nose, or a jab with a hair pin, if not anything worse. So just keep away from girls.
 As Goswami Tulsidas has said in Ramcharitmanas :
" Deepshikha sam yuvati tan, man jani hot patang "
" A young woman's body is like a flame
  O mind, don't be like a moth, or patanga ( and get burnt.) "

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