Thursday 15 January 2015

Christians are fair game in India
On the front page of Times of India today is the tall claim that India's economic growth will catch up with China's in 2 years.
This claim goes beautifully along with another news item published just next to it, stating that in 6 weeks the 4th Church in Delhi has been vandalised
 It seems that Christians have become fair game in India.
 Christians are only 24 million in a country of 1250 million, 2.3% of the total population of India. They are a peaceful hard working community who do no harm to anyone. And yet what is being done to them ? Are they heading for the same fate as the Jews in Nazi Germany ?
Dominic Emmanuel, editor of the magazine ' Word Among Catholics ' has said " Disruption of our prayers and services have become an everyday affair. The silence of the authorities has left the community with a feeling of insecurity "
 On Wednesday ( yesterday, 14.1.2015 ), Our Lady of Grace Church in Delhi was attacked, a statue of the Virgin Mary toppled and a glass cabinet broken.. Before that the St.Sebastian church was vandalized and burnt. But the police have yet to identify the attackers. Earlier, a fire was reported in a Church in Rohini in Outer Delhi, in which a Christmas crib was completely charred. Last month some people threw stones at Our Lady of Fatima Forane Church in Jasola, South Delhi, and broke the window panes during evening mass.
 Archbishop Anil Cuotu says " People have broken down glasses, smashed religious statues, and have torn our religious literature. But nothing has been done to protect us. We wrote to the Prime Minister Mr. Modi, in this connection,but received no reply "
 Father Balraj of Our Lady of Grace Church in Vikaspuri, which was attacked yesterday, said " A clear pattern of orchestrated attacks is emerging as more and more churches are being targeted. "
  Attacking a tiny, helpless community is surely an act of great bravery !


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  3. What disappointing you most was the news item about Indian overtaking China, no thanks to you. All these days you have been predicting that without taking your advise India has no hope of prospering and that you are the sole repository of all the knowledge of the universe. Katju, get a life. You are a has been and a caricature whose sense of entitlement is beyond belief. No one cares for what you think. Look at some beautiful women and spend your retirement in peace.

  4. Religious Intolerance, has gone to a greatest extend.. people shold start thinking of what they are soing.

  5. It should not be about religion. All religion must be respect.
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