Thursday 25 September 2014

25.9.2014, 6.10 a.m.

It has been my habit of taking one cup of tea with sugar and milk in the morning. With it I take one biscuit and 5 almonds which were soaked in water in the night.

Today morning I asked my wife whether this was permitted in Navratri. She said that biscuit was not permitted, but the rest were.permitted.

Last night someone told me that 'ann' ( cereals) was not permitted. So no roti in the night, as earlier planned. I am not sure whether vegetables are permitted ( apart from baked potatoes).

Last evening I started work on my book on the Indian Judiciary. I dictated an Introduction of a few pages, which in a nutshell tells what the book is about. I thought the title could be 'Whither Indian Judiciary ?', but if you people can suggest a better title please do so. I would be obliged.

I have in my life written several books, but my forthcoming books ( several are planned) shall be the toughest to write. All my life's experience and the knowledge I have accumulated in my 68 years life will be poured into them. As Ghalib wrote :
 " Likhte rahe junoon ki hikaayat-e- khoonchakaan
   Harchand ismein haath hamaare qalam hue "
 " I kept writing my love story with my blood
   Though while writing it my hands became bloody "

I have been approached by another very reputed foreign publisher for writing my second book. I told their representative that I will talk to them only after my first book is completed.

My aim in these books is not to make money, but to present my views before the public for making India prosperous once again ( as it was in the past ). This is my life's aim and objective. Having crossed 68, I am quite sure that this will happen long after I am gone, but as long as I am alive it is my duty to give guidance to the Indian people to help taking India in that direction. With my tapasya (study and thinking ) for over half a century i am in a perfect position to do so. 

So I will write these books with my blood, as Ghalib did.