Sunday 14 September 2014

Appointment with the Union Home Minister

I had sought an appointment with the Union Home Minister, Mr.Raj Nath Singh ( we are both from U.P. and I had known him for a long time ). so that I could make some suggestions to him for helping the people of J&K. Late last night I received a telephonic call from his Secretary saying that my appointment has been fixed for today ( Sunday,14.9.2014 ) at 3.45 p.m. at his residence.
My request to all concerned is to tell me what I suggestions I should make to him ? I would be grateful for your suggestions, which should be practical.


  1. A commission should be setup to go into the reasons for such a disaster, particularly its 'town-planning' aspects.It should give its report within 3 months.

  2. Focus on infrastructure development. Develop healthy relation with Kashimiris. No place of religion. Just win the heart n motivate them to bounce back to nation growth as well as state growth.