Wednesday 10 September 2014

Ek hi Naari Sada Brahmachari

When I was a Judge I often had cases before me of men who had been charged with bigamy.

I would tell these men " You should have remembered the Hindi maxim, Ek hi naari, sada brahmachari ( i.e. A man who has only one woman is a Brahmachari). If you had followed it, you would have been leading a peaceful life, but instead you are going around for years attending courts on criminal charges."

In other words, one should marry one lady, look after her, and keep one's eyes focused on her. If one's eyes wanders around it is inviting trouble. This womanizing is a very dangerous sport, however exciting it may seem in imagination. Helen of Troy was the cause of Troy's destruction, Mark Antony lost the Roman Empire because of Cleopatra, and, nearer our times, Bill Clinton almost lost the U.S. Presidency because of Monica Lewinsky.

 So always remember the rule ' Ek hi naari, sada brahmachari '
  Of course, men should also keep in mind the Sanskrit lines ( and this is said as a joke, so the ladies should not mind ) :
 " Kshaden rushta, Kshaden tushta
   Rushta, tushta, kshaden kshaden"
  " A woman's nature is that she is at one moment happy, next moment angry, the moment thereafter again happy, and then again angry. "
 All married men would have experienced this !

 And to conclude, let me tell you of one interesting incident. I was in a party, and there was this young nice looking lady sitting next to me. As is common with ladies, she kept complaining that she was putting on too much weight. After hearing her for some time I got fed up with this ( to me) totally uninteresting talk, and suddenly said " Are you married ?"

" Yes", she replied.

 I then said " Then do not worry. We Indians are good husbands, and do not divorce our wives. This is not America where wives are divorced if they get fat. So eat as much as you want to, and put on as much weight as you can. You have nothing to worry about."


  1. Very hilarious and informative. Nice to start the day with such endorphin (happy hormones) release. Rushta, Rushta, Rushta kshaden kshaden. But advises are least heeded when most needed, especially in these matters. There is a nice sloka which says that when bad times come, a person will not listen to guru, will not be able to see arundhati nakshatra and wont be able to sense nice fragrance. Meaning thereby that all his senses will become numb and his judgement goes haywire.