Wednesday 3 September 2014

Modern Indian Gurus

Kabir has said :
"Guru Govind dono khade, kaake laagu paaye
 Balihaari guru aapne Govind diyo bataaye "

But what kinds of gurus do we often have nowadays ?

When I was  a Judge of Allahabad High Court, a large number of cases came before me where the Principal or a teacher of a school had been convicted for having embezzled the building funds or scholarship funds of the institution, or had permitted students to cheat in examinations on payment of some money, or had committed some other grave misconduct. Many gurus hardly teach in their school/college class ( although they draw full salaries), and instead tell their students to come to their private coaching classes at their residence or elsewhere, where the real teaching is done on payment of huge fees.

And these gurus are supposed to be the role models for the younger generation ! God help our country. Kabir must be turning in his grave !