Friday 19 September 2014

Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity

I read on page 12 of today's The Hindu newspaper that a liberal Professor in Karachi University, Prof. Mohammed Shakil Auj, was gunned down in his car by some persons.

 I have repeatedly said that Pakistan is no country, it is a fake artificial entity created by the British to keep Hindus and Muslims fighting each other, so that India does not emerge as a modern, powerful highly industrialized state ( for which it has all the potential ). The solution is reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a secular, modern minded state which will not tolerate religious extremism of any kind and crushes it with an iron hand.

What is Pakistan ? It is Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP. These were all part of India in the time of Ashoka ( his edicts are still there ), Akbar, and the British.

 Moreover, a state created on the basis of religion in a sub continent with such diversity as ours is simply not viable, and it would certainly be torn apart, as is happening. Pakistan has become a Jurassic Park, with pre-historic monsters roaming around everywhere killing people and making peoples' lives hell.

 My answer to those people who say that Pakistan was created 67 years ago, and we cannot turn the wheel of history back, is that Taiwan was created 69 years back, but China has still refused to recognize it. And since the very purpose of creating Pakistan was to keep Hindus and Muslims fighting each other, should we keep on fighting ?  Are we fools ?


  1. Bangladesh, India and Pakistan should come together and form a liberal, secular, federal nation.

  2. Great thought sir. But will not integration of Jihadi Pakistan affect peace in India ? And If ever Pakistan became a normal nation, why will they join us ? May be opportunities with rising India one day open eyes of general public in Pakistan.

  3. What kind of a peace we have in India? We may stubbornly say that India is better than Pakistan and Bangladesh. All three upto 15 August 1947 were in the same league. I do not know about 'defense' budget of Bangladesh; India and Pakistan are spending stupendous amounts on their 'defense'. It is better they come together, sooner than later, and have a true federal democratic government.

  4. It is utterly improper to blame others for our mistakes.
    If india was alert, aware and united, British were in no position
    to even rule us , forget about dividing us.
    The division proved that you were divided.

    Further on, Bharat existed since Before Krishna's time.
    Thus clearly Gandhi can't be father of Bharat.
    But he is called father of nation. Oh yeah !!!
    Now you get it !!!