Wednesday 24 September 2014


When some Hindu priests complained to British General Sir Charles Napier ( 1782-1853 ) against the prohibition of sati ( the burning alive of widows ) he replied: " The burning of widows is your custom. But my nation's custom is to hang all men involved in burning a woman alive.  So let us all act according to our national customs ".


  1. Brilliant response.

  2. Sati was an evil practice.
    However judges response was not valid.
    He was not a valid judge at all. Who gave him the jurisdiction ?
    Was british raj valid ?
    Thus, the judge should be hanged first.

  3. In 1857 we slaughtered englisch terrorists at "SATI CHAURA GHAT"
    Veer Savarkar declared it as the "First fight in the freedom struggle"

    That striggle that Peshwa started is not yet over.
    We are having active sympathy for independence of SCOTTLAND.

    Each passing year they are comming closer to sedetion.

    Current referendum proved that 45% Scotts want to split out of UK.