Saturday 27 September 2014

Shove Judicial Corruption under a Carpet

Justice Lodha, who retired today as Chief Justice of India, criticized me strongly ( without naming me ) when I made public disclosures about a corrupt Madras High Court Judge whom powerful politicians were protecting and promoting. He said that some persons ( meaning obviously me) were trying to defame the judiciary. He also said " For God's sake, don't shake the confidence of the public in the judiciary ".
In other words, shove corruption by Judges under a carpet, for disclosing it will do much more harm than actually doing corruption.
This was not a novel theory invented by Justice Lodha. Many people before him have believed and said that it is unwise, and even dangerous, to disclose corruption in the judiciary. What such people forget is that even if one buries judicial corruption under a carpet, the bulge will show.

 In this connection Judge Jerome Frank of the U.S. Court of Appeals said :
 "I am unable to conceive that in a democracy it can ever be unwise to acquaint the public with the truth about the workings of any branch of government. It is wholly undemocratic to treat the public as children who are unable to accept the inescapable shortcomings of man made institutions. The best way to bring about the elimination of those shortcomings of our judicial system which are capable of being eliminated is to have all our citizens informed as to how that system now actually functions. It is a mistake, therefore, to try to establish and maintain, through ignorance, public esteem for our Courts . "


  1. There is an unearthed fact that the Congress Party (UPA) government committed Constitutional violation, this is the biggest violation ever happened in Indian history. So far media failed to bring up this in the news.

    As per Article 368 if any bill going to change the representation of states in Parliament it must be approved by both the houses of the Parliament with 2/3rd majority and it must be sent to all States Assemblies for ratification. Upon 50% of the State’s approval that bill can be sent for President’s approval. Upon President’s approval that bill will became as an Act and it will be implemented from its appointment date. UPA violated the Article 368 while making Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act 2014 and it didn’t sent the bill to all State Assemblies for their approval, by doing this UPA govt. took away the voting rights of the 28 States.

    Does the UPA influence the SC bench and present CJI against AP State bifurcation cases also?

    Indian States are sovereign and Article 3 is not as per the principles and fundamentals of a Union.‏

    Sir I brought the above facts into your notice through emails, why are you silent on this issue? Doesn’t Protecting the constitution is your responsibility?

  2. Justice Katju: I sent you an email and pointed out how two judges of a high court had manipulated a case and helped a dean of a medical college of Pune. An ordinary person has no means and money to travel and spend money on very costly case in high court nor can he afford the lawyers fees. As such, the criminal gets scott free. What's the remedy in such cases?

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  4. Sir, it would be amazing if you could give your opinion on whether democracy is the right form of governance for India or no.

  5. What Does it take for this system to convert a young innocent patriotic Indian into a terrorist.

    This system is now not more than a prostitute. Playing in the hands of Money.

    All business and No Justice.

    Kanoon sach mein hi andhaa ho gya hai. Ab SACH dikhaai nahi deta.

    Where is the SATYAMEV JAYATE. It should be DHANAMEV JAYATE.