Tuesday 9 September 2014

I sent Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of J&K, an email 2 days ago saying that I wish to issue an appeal to all Indians and people all over the world to help the people of J&K, who have suffered so much recently by the floods,  by sending funds for this purpose. I asked him to tell me where such funds should be sent, addressed to whom, and in what manner. I,too, am a Kashmiri, and wish to help in this calamity by providing relief.
  As yet Omar Abdullah has not replied to my email, for reasons best known to himself


  1. sir at this time do u expect him to respond to emails or help people. just for ur info if u find that u r not able to collect money z u dont know address where funds need to be sent then pl deposite it in pm relief fund.hope now u can collect and help ppl and cm can do better things then replying to mails.

  2. I have sent an email to you one some issue related to PIL in a anticipation of a reply or some comments from you...... But unfortunately I did not hear any thing from you ....for reasons best known to you
    Thank you

  3. sir, now days what you sent is an "e-mail" and not "writ"...! that the probable reason..

    #show some self restraint