Wednesday 24 September 2014

Navratri fast

Navratri starts tomorrow. I have told my wife that I will keep the fast throughout Navratri, and will also keep roza throughout the month of Ramzan.
 My decision is not for any religious reasons ( the only religion I believe in is service to the poor people, whom I regard as my God ) but for a scientific purpose. I think fasting is good for health, as it reduces the burden on the stomach, and keeps in check one's weight. I tend to get overweight from time to time, which apart from making a person look ungainly, is bad for the heart.
 Any suggestion what I should eat in Navratri ? My wife proposes to give me roasted potatoes, singharas  and fruit in the day, and one roti with one vegetable at night.


  1. Butter-milk in the daytime, curd-rice for night. Can't get more simpler and light-on-stomach than that. If you like fruits....well, have no suggestions. Fruits are to me like oil is to water...

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