Monday 15 September 2014

As Chairman of the Press Council of India, I had appointed a 3 member committee to enquire into the alleged statement of the Telengana Chief Minister, Mr. K.C. Rao, at a public meeting, that he will break the necks and bury underground the media if they make remarks against Telengana or its culture. The committee has also been asked to enquire and report to me whether there is threat to media freedom in Telengana, and if so, what steps are required to prevent suppression of this freedom.
 Tomorrow, i.e. Tuesday, 16th September, the convenor of the committee, Shri Rajiv Ranjan Nag, and  member of the committee, Shri Krishna Prasad ( Editor-in-Chief of Outlook magazine ), are leaving Delhi by the Air India flight which reaches Hyderabad at about 12 noon. They shall commence their work thereafter.
  Journalists Unions, Media organizations, managements, editors, journalists, government officials, and the public at large are invited to present their views before the committee.They may contact Shri Nag, the convenor, at his mobile number 09811624581, or Shri Krishna Prasad, mobile number 09717225678, or Shri Amarnath Kosuri, mobile number, 09849562777.

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  1. The statement itself is derogatory and threatening to a particular profession warranting criminal action.