Wednesday 3 September 2014

Learn Sanskrit-Urdu both to know about Indian culture

3.9.2014, 8 p.m.
In newsx channel it is being alleged by some persons that Muslim students are being forced to learn Sanskrit.
 My own opinion is that everyone should learn both Sanskrit and Urdu if they want to know about Indian culture. No country can progress by neglecting its own culture, and at least a rudimentary knowledge of Sanskrit and Urdu is essential to know Indian culture, as these are our two all India cultural languages ( though I have great respect for all languages).

 There is a total misconception about both these languages. Sanskrit is projected as a language of Hindus, and Urdu of Muslims. Both these conceptions are wrong. In fact both these languages are languages of free thinkers. People who say that Sanskrit is a language of Hindus and Urdu of Muslims are either fools or mischief makers who want to incite communal hatred, and are totally ignorant about both these languages


  1. Sir, I agree with you. Both are beautiful language.

  2. Both are indigenous language n mother tongue not a Foreign language. Ye humari Zaban hain aur inki paidaish India men hui hai

  3. both the language are equally important.nice post...

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  5. It's time to let it go! Clinging to Sanskrit and Urdu, in my view, is just a waste of time and should be now avoided. English is the present and it is the future. wasting time energy and money just to learn other languages like Sanskrit and Urdu is not a smart strategy.

  6. Sanskrit: The wprd is self explainatory. The language of sanskriti, the cultured.
    Aradau (Urdu): the word is derived from Turkish. It is also self explainatory. The language of Military camp.

    Hindus very naturally abandoned Urdu. The language of aggressive and jihadi uncivilized armies !!

    Natural justice is done. I trust in one and sole justice.