Friday 5 September 2014

What is justice ?

Since about 80% people of the world, including India, are poor and suffering from a host of social and economic evils, such as unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, good education, housing and discrimination, etc justice can have one, and only one meaning, that is, abolition of poverty and the other social and economic evils.

And this is possible only by creating a social order in which everyone gets proper employment and incomes, food, healthcare, good education, housing, recreation and opportunities for developing one's personality and talents, and there is no discrimination or oppression of women, minorities or on the basis of race, caste region or language.

This is the only meaning justice can have. And those who genuinely and sincerely fight for creating such a social order I regard as patriots who love their country.


  1. sir I see two sets of people in this country
    a.People who fight for "Right to luxury" --they need big houses,mega cities,malls etc
    b.People who fight for "Right to survive"--they need farm loan waivers,free power etc

  2. Sir, to my mind, there is no single solution. While increasing production, enhancing delivery mechanism, education, employment, etc., growth rate of poor population also need to be controlled / reduced in an effective acceptable methods as at some point, resources and delivery mechanism would be limited, especially in poor & vast country like us...

  3. Sir, to make this happen stronger leaders are needed both at political and business spectrum. India started 1991 reforms without the foundation of Rigid Laws governing such reforms. That's why we landed in 2G ,Coal and much more scandals. When the scandals appeared in USA, during 1950 and 60s, there was unified nation to write Laws. One of them was Fair Housing Act 1968 against banks who discriminated against many people!

  4. Sir, First and foremost is to bring good, service oriented & visionary people in to political and governance system, electoral reform is essential, so that elections becomes simpler / less expensive and genuine ones able to participate at all levels from village panchayat to parliament. The reform should aim a new political service oriented architecture with two or three political parties with a competitive environment in providing service throughout the year at various levels. People should be able to vote for persons known to them form there service, rather than the present form of only election time expensive effective campaigns / sentimental & emotional speeches / money & muscle power, etc.