Tuesday 16 September 2014

My Indian brothers and sisters,
On reading some of my previous posts  some of you may regard me as an arrogant supercilious know-all with a superiority complex, who looks down on others. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can assure you I have no ego problems, and regard myself as a pygmy before the giants, in India and in foreign countries, who preceded me or are my contemporaries.
Many of you must be more intelligent than me. But the advantage i have over you is that since I am much older than most of you ( I will be turning 68 on the 20th of this month ), and since I have all my life been a seeker of knowledge ( which one cannot be unless one is modest and has intellectual curiosity), I have accumulated more knowledge than most of you. You too would have the same knowledge, in fact much greater knowledge, than me when you too turn 68.
Most of the ideas I have are not my original ideas ( though a few are). They were created by others with minds superior to mine ( a few of such persons are alive). What I regard as my patriotic mission is to pass on this knowledge to you, so that you do not have to waste time rediscovering these ideas, and instead devote your time to discovering newer ones to serve the nation.
So you should understand what I say on these posts in this spirit. I am not trying to show off my intellectual superiority over you, or score points. Instead, I am like a true teacher who wishes his students to become intellectually superior to him, and imparts all the knowledge he has, and then tells the student that he has given him all that he could give, and now the student must either go to other teachers for more knowledge, or discover that knowledge himself.


  1. well said...........also happy birthday in advance.

  2. Thank you sir, since 5 days i started reading your articles on face book and here and the more i read more i want to read. It gives me immense knowledge on every aspect and regarded u as one of the great intellectuals and nice human being. Keep spreading the knowledge of yours for the students like us. I am preparing for civil services, may be in future i also be able to serve my country with best possible way.As i believe in Quote which says:- "Work with integrity and succeed with integrity " Jai Hind !