Wednesday 24 September 2014

Murder of an Ahmadi doctor-II

In my previous post I condemned the killing of an Ahmadi doctor in Sindh province of Pakistan, and the persecution and atrocities on Ahmadis there.
 In response to that post, some persons made comments critical of Muslims and Islam. This is most improper. We must respect all religions. This is absolutely necessary if we want India to remain united and to prosper. Whoever criticizes any religion is an enemy of our nation, because in effect he wants to divide us at a time when it is extremely important for us to remain united.


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  2. Murder of Ahmadi doctor in Pakistan is condemned

    Murder of Christians under pretext of blasphemy laws and Hindus in Pakistan is condemned

    Forcible conversions to Islam in Pakistan is condemned.

    The Quran Chapter 2, verse 256 says " There is no compulsion in religion"

    The draconian blasphemy law in Pakistan which is misused against Christians and other minorities to settle scores and which invokes the death penalty for insult to Islam or its Prophet needs to be revoked.

    An apology should be enough to quash blasphemy related cases against the accused.

    Death penalty for blasphemy is a human rights violation.

  3. Mr Katju,
    I would advise to visit Saudi arabia.
    There you will see the real face of Islam.

    I am pleased that now you are retired.