Saturday 27 September 2014

Kashmir must never be allowed to secede

Kashmir must never be allowed to secede from India. If today Kashmir secedes, tomorrow Nagaland may demand the same right, thereafter Mizoram may make the same demand, then Tamilnadu, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka, Himachal, etc Where will this stop ?What then will remain of India ? It will be broken up into pieces. No, we must never let Kashmir or any other state to secede from India, at any cost. Did President Abraham Lincoln permit the southern states in U.S.A. ( the Confederate States ) to secede in 1861 ? No, he refused, and he even went to war on that issue. Similarly Kashmir must not and will never be allowed to secede from India, at any cost.
Many Kashmiris have been befooled and misguided by the separatist leaders who have their own vested interests and personal agenda. The only correct demand Kashmiris should raise is that Pakistan and Bangladesh must be reunited with India under a strong secular modern minded government which does not tolerate religious extremism of any kind. This will automatically solve the Kashmir problem.


  1. But was not it "Secular" Nehroo that took Kashmir to UN ?

    Secondly and more importantly was not it Gandhi who used call Jinna his Brother?

    Was not it Gandhi who approved division of akhand hindustan based on religion as the criteria ?

    Why were Hindus not have the very just option to have Hindu only rashtra?

    What role muslims have morally left in india once they have alrrady given the saperate land ?

    What is the proof that muslims will not force a division of remaining india in future ? Is not the onus of proof lies on the head of muslims ?
    If muslims in Kashmir are secular as perpetrated by psudo secularists, why are you so afread of a plebisite ad in scotland ?

    This proves that muslims are not and never were the body of Bhatatiya Rashtra
    They are even today increasing the percentage in remaining india.See what happens when that percentage teaches 25+ %

    My father a very economivally poor brahmin insisted not to even apply the reservation infested government job.
    I will advise every brajmin who asks for my advise to consider leaving india to either europe or usa before it becomes muslim majoroty again.

  2. One thing that india did well is:

    Annexation of Bangladesh from pakistan.

    Secondly india did another great thing.
    Eleminating Gandhi's false idelogy of deceptive version of biased nonviolence. India's slap on the face of Gandhi's version of nonviolence is a full TWO MILLION PLUS standing army that Gandhi always opposed; and today our solgers are defending our borders and if a rigjt chance comes, then balkanize state sponcers of terrorosm like pakistan!

    Third thing india did right: was to completely negate Gandhi's ideas of small (kutir) industry.Gandhi opposed large organized industry. We in india established massive industries like BHEL, NTPC, TCS, INFOSYS, L and T to name a few.

    Gandhi was anti education and opposed his own son to get proper education. India again did a great thing by recognise right to education under Vajpayer's leadership.

    more and more we distance away from Gandhi's curses, better off shall we be. And that golden day will certainly arrive when we will unite East Bengal and west Punjab, Baluchistan, north west provinces and sindh back to us.


    However i tend to agree with your uniting part.