Wednesday 3 September 2014

'Comparitive Government

In his book 'Comparitive Government' Prof. Finer writes :
"Two American political scientists ( Professors Almond and Verba) made a survey of what they called 'the civic culture' in five countries, i.e. the U.S.A. Britain, Germany, Italy and Mexico. In the course of this they conducted opinion polls on certain relevant topics.

Answering the query 'which aspects of national life they took most pride in', only two and a half percent Italians named their governmental arrangements, and only 4% of the Germans. In Britain, however, 33% named their governmental arrangements. Moreover, more than half believed that the civil servants would give their individual problems serious consideration, and three quarters believed that the police would. Finally, four fifths of the respondents believed that the civil servants would treat them fairly, and no less than nine-tenths believed that the police would.

By international standards, these proportions are very high indeed, and they express what has long been asserted : that on the whole the British esteem their political arrangements and have confidence in them."

There can be no greater praise for civil servants or policemen than to have this to be said about them, as done by the public in Britain.

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