Monday 8 September 2014

Defamation of Judiciary

A high judicial authority recently said that some people are trying to defame the judiciary. Perhaps he was alluding to me.
 So doing corruption by Judges does not defame the judiciary, but exposing such corruption defames it.
 This is a new definition of defamation !


  1. why to leave it for guessing by lesser mortals like us.

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  3. CJI, Judges, UPA and NDA defamed Judiciary. Politicians and Political parties are the root cause of all corruptions. They corrupted all the institutions and brought them under their umbrella, and controlling all the powers. As per our constitution 543 free will peoples (MPs) are supposed to assemble in lok sabha to rule and make laws, instead few political party heads hijacked our Democracy and they are ruling and making laws. Please read my blog on Does the UPA influenced SC Bench and present CJI against AP State bifurcation cases.

  4. Dear Justice Katju,

    Excerpt of Rajeev Dhavan's article below

    In statutory and non-statutory appointments, patronage has played a role e.g. Katju at the Press Council.

    Look at CJI's Patnaik, Khare, Bharucha, Kania and Lahoti doing arbitrations, subject to High Court finding them wrong in law.


  5. Dear justice Katzu, I just wonder why ur revealing all these things now? Why did u keed quiet when u were part of yhe system? I am a whistle blower and got sacked for speaking the truth. I was let down by the judiciary n others but continues to fight to this day. I wish u also had the same courage to speak the truth when you were part of the system. By ur conduct ur are also if not equally responsible for the mess in judiciary. Your revelations at this stage only shows some vendetta. By the way even ur appointment as the chairman of PCI is a dubious one and smacks of some quid pro quo........

  6. There are various constitutional laws to to stop human killing. Where is the law to stop killing of HUMAN KIND.

    The fame of Judiciary is not in spreading it. The fame is when everybody have faith in it. Nobody have. If the faith would have been there, there would not been so much of crime.

    The main evil to society is ill Judiciary.

    Its Sick, and killing the countrymen, killing HUMAN KIND.