Saturday 30 May 2015

Are Tagore and 'Netaji' holy cows for Bengalis ?

One evening at Allahabad when I was a Judge there I was at the house of one of the High Court Judges along with some other Judges,chatting before dinner.

 I mentioned my view about Subhas Chandra Bose, that he was a Japanese agent. At this one of the High Court Judges who was a Bengali reacted almost hysterically, and started shouting at me, and threatening to walk out. I was taken aback, and became mum thereafter, as I did not want the party to be broken up.

 But I have witnessed a somewhat similar reaction by many ( not all ) Bengalis if one speaks against Tagore. It is sometimes impossible to talk rationally with many Bengalis about 'Netaji' and Tagore.
 Are Subhas Chandra Bose and Tagore the private property of Bengalis ? Can no one criticize them in their presence ? If Bengalis regard them as public figures, not the private property of Bengalis, then the public surely has the right to assess and criticize them.

I have expressed my views about Bose and Tagore on my blog and I do not intend to repeat them in detail.

 I regard Tagore as a British stooge who was promoted by Yeats and used by the British to divert literature from the revolutionary direction Sharad Chandra Chattopadhyaya was taking it ( see  his novel ' Pather Dabi', which was banned by the British. At one time the price of one copy was the same as that of a Mauser pistol ).

See in this connection my article ' The Role of Art and Literature ' on my blog. I have explained there that there are broadly two theories of art and literature, one is called 'Art for art's sake', and the other is called ' Art for social purpose '. In a poor country like India only the second theory is acceptable. Tagore belonged broadly to the school of ' Art for Art's sake', propagating spiritualism and mystical nonsense ( see ( 'Gitanjali', 'Agni beena Bajao', etc ) and Sharad Chandra to the school of ' Art for social purpose'. The British were scared of the writings of Sharad Chandra, and so they promoted their stooge Tagore.

Am I not entitled to even present my view about Tagore before Bengalis ? Do I not have freedom of expression ?

 I regard Bose as a Japanese agent, otherwise why did he give up the struggle against the British in 1945 when the Japanese surrendered ? If he was a real freedom fighter he should have carried on a guerilla war against the British, as the Chinese had done against the Japanese. In a guerilla war one fights with the weapons of the enemy, by snatching them from the enemy.

 In fact Bose was only being used by the Japanese Imperialists, who would have bumped him off once his utility was over. Would the Japanese  fascists have given freedom to India if they had defeated the British ? No, they would have looted it, and slaughtered a lot of Indians, the way they looted Manchuria and North China under their occupation, and slaughtered tens of thousands of Chinese in Nanking, Shanghai, etc. ( see on Youtube about these massacres ).

 I have great respect for Bengalis, many of whom are my close friends. I would only request them to ponder about what I have said, and not treat Bose and Tagore like holy cows


  1. "The British were scared of the writings of Sharad Chandra, and so they promoted their stooge Tagore."
    You can have your opinions, but your claims are not supported by any evidence.
    Tagore got his Nobel in 1913, Saratchandra's revolutionary literary works were mainly after first world war. In 1919, Tagore renounced his knighthood in protest against the inhuman cruelty of the British Government in Jalianwalabag. Pather Dabi was published in 1926.
    So, I cant agree with your theory that British promoted Tagore as they got scared of Sarat Chandra .

    and btw, Mr. Kadju, it is "Sharat/Sarat" not "Sharad"

    1. Mr Katju,you were a supreme court judge in the past.If this is the quality of your views(both of them reflect your utter ignorance of factual data),then I can guess why India is still lagging behind inspite of the potential to move forward.All are free to hold opinions in subjective matters but objective opinions like what you are putting up require factual backing.

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  2. That is absolutely right. Even in general if you are talking to your best friend who is a Bengali and if another unknown Bengali comes in between. Then your best Bengali friend will turm his face by showing his back to you. And both the Bengali will start their 3rd world language chit chat and you will feel ignored. This is also my observation about Bengali.

    1. now you are behaving as chamcha... sorry but you are..

    2. Sorry for the inconvenience my brother. But I always speak truth and this is the only desease I have. I can uderstand your frustration. God bless you.

    3. Mr.Pandey and Mr. Suman,I hope you both are responsible citizens and will try to respond in a mature and healthy manner.Still you people are got stuck in to language and Bengali,Hindi kind of stuffs.Mr. Suman I feel we can express the same thing in a better way.The example that Mr. Pandey has given might be true in some instances and also false in some instances.So there should not be any negative extract end of the day.When we Indian stand together and sing Janaganamana...or Vande Mataram we feel good about it.Those were created by Rabindranth Tagore & Bankimchandra Chatterjee respectively.Mr.Pandey I hope you should agree that Indian literature got nourished quite heavily by Bengali literature;so please don't drag kind of examples that creates divisions among Indians.The state you belong to might have some more serious we should think constructively and discussions also should happen inline with proper objectives.I hope I haven't hurt anybody!Cheers!

  3. Dear Sir, I follow your blog and your last post was stupendous. i have used it in my blog and given credit to you as aSC judge of great standing. But I wonder sir, why you are silent on ONe Rank One Pension that is denied for last 3 decades and even now Modi and party despite all promises are dragging their feet ?
    Group Captain MG Singh

  4. Here you can read about Tagore:

    and here about SC Bose:

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  6. Sir I can totally agree with your views about them. But I think as you deserve the freedom of expression, so does any artist. It is not feasible that all art works should be directly concerned with some social issue. I mean seriously, it will be hilarious. Just imagine.

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  10. Markandey Katju is bent on tarnishing the image of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose calling him again and again a Japanese stooge. Many of the Netaji supporters had informed him that he is misinformed and misjudging the case that Netaji would have surrendered India to the Japanese.

    If Katju, does not like someone then that's it... its like its fixed in his mind. Even if you give him a Himalaya of reasons, facts and historic documents he wont change his stand. Why? Because he is arrogant and years of habit don't change in an instant.

    " Netaji took the help of the Japanese for a specific purpose with certain conditions that the Azad Hind Fauj and the Japanese Army would have equal importance, every inch of free India would be under the Azad Hind Government and India's prestige would at no time be compromised. The Japanese had accepted the conditions and expressed hope that Netaji's success would lead to a greater role for South-East Asia in world politics. Netaji was a freedom fighter and he took the help of a foreign power to break the chains of bondage."

    Whatever he says about Netaji and Gurudev Tagore, it will not change the fact their dedication to their nation was spotless and was divine.

    We know that Netaji did not die in the plane crash and it was a fabricated event so that Netaji could escape from the British as they will hunt him for his life. There are many who believed that he was killed in the Siberian camps after extreme torture and questioning in the hands of Stalin's soldiers... We were not able to do him justice and honor him for the great contribution he did as a great son of Mother India. A true patriot and a strong uncompromising leader who we can now only dream of. Katju don't insult Netaji and Tagore even if you cant respect them...

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  12. Instead of taking with lot of assumptions that is become history ,I request honorable Justice Mr. Markandey Katju that why can't we all together put an effort to make this country better or at least find out the solution to make this country worth for living for our generations to come.Do you feel we should introspect the current socio economic issues,why still the mafias,criminals have got great influence in the administration and even after doing crimes some of them becomes ministers....don't you feel it is more and truly frustrating? My intent is not to confront you but requesting you to address more critical and important areas that truly needs attention.