Thursday 28 May 2015

Kashmiris must keep suffering

A Kashmiri Muslim sent me this fb message today :

Good evening sir,
 I am from Kashmir. Recently  militants  in Kashmir have threatened  mobile tower land owners to make their towers disfunctional. Also, they threatened mobile showroom owners and warned them to close all such type of communications  within a week,  particularly  in North Kashmir.

Yesterday  they entered in a BSNL office and fired indiscriminately  on them resulting in  3 injured  and 1 dead on the spot. On the same day they killed a mobile  land owner.

Today about 10.15 pm. they entered  in a home and fired on a person who is now battling  for his life in hospital.  He is also a land owner of a tower.

 I am confused. There are  7 lakh troops in Kashmir but still this is happening.  Is it due to security failure or due to any other reason ?

 It is clear that if this is not stopped well on time it means mobile  companies  have to close their businesses in the valley, leaving  thousands jobless. Who is responsible ? How to tackle this ? That   is my question to you sir

This is my reply :

I am indeed deeply sad for what has happened to both Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims. I am a Kashmiri myself, and all Kashmiris, whether Hindu or Muslim, are my blood brothers. Therefore any atrocity or death or suffering of Kashmiris causes me great grief, and I would like peace to come back in Kashmir, and justice done to all Kashmiris.

 The problem, however, is that you Kashmiris will not listen to me. although I have patiently and repeatedly tried to tell you what is good for you.

 I have repeatedly said

(1) Kashmir is a part of India, having been incorporated into India by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1587, and thereafter it remained part of India. Although there was a Maharaja, Kashmir was in effect part of India during British rule.

(2) India will not, and must not, allow Kashmir to secede from India, because if it does then next Nagas may demand secession, then Mizos, then Tamils, etc. Where will it end ? India will be broken up into pieces.

 As I said in my article ' What is India ' ( see online and on my blog and on the website ), India is broadly a country of immigrants, like North America, and this accounts for its tremendous diversity---so many religions. castes, languages, ethnic groups, etc. The only policy which will enable us to remain together and prosper is secularism and giving respect and equality to all communities and lingual, regional and ethnic groups, otherwise our country cannot survive for one day. This was the policy of the great Emperor Akbar, who is the real Father of the Nation ( not that fake 'Mahatma' who took the country for a ride ), and who gave equal respect to all.

(3) The only solution to the Kashmir problem is reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a strong secular government which does not tolerate religious extremism or bigotry of any kind, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand. It is high time that all people in our sub continent must realize the truth : Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity ( I refuse to call it a country ), created by the British and their agents, those rascals Gandhi and Jinnah, on the basis of the bogus two nation theory.

(4) All this high talk of U.N. resolutions overlook two points (a) It presumes the validity of Partition, and the genuineness of 'Pakistan', although it was a big fraud and swindle, and (b) It overlooks the fact that the U.N. is dominated by big powers which impose their will on weaker nations. Their resolutions are therefore often unfair and flawed.

I have therefore been saying repeatedly to Kashmiris what is in their interest : that they must give up their stupid demand for independence or secession to Pakistan, and instead start demanding reunification of India and Pakistan under a secular government, but my words have fallen on deaf ears. And when people prefer to remain stupid they must keep suffering


  1. Maa ke laude , bhootni ke, you have showed that Kashmiris possess the minimum knowledge among any of the WORLD RACES. My father who was posted in Kashmir as Senior Official in Railways was the first one who told me how INFERIOR AND FOOLISH kashmiri people are. KASHMIR was part of India since NANDA EMPIRE AND MAURYAN EMPIRE , both of them existed in 300BC that is almost 1900 years before your FAKED JHOLACHAP HISTORY of akbar making kashmir part of india. IN 1819 MUSLIM RULE IN KASHMIR WAS ENDED DECISIVELY BY MISR DIWAN CHAND(HINDU BRAHMIN GENERAL) of Maharaja Ranjit Singh that is for almost past 200 years Hindus are rulling kashmir you admit this or not this is the ONLY TRUTH which i know will hurt JHOLACHAP commie.

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