Sunday 3 May 2015

Uniform Civil Code

I am a strong supporter of a uniform civil code. All modern countries have a common law for all citizens.

 It is stupid to say that if sharia is abolished Islam will be abolished.

The old ( non statutory ) Hindu Law was abolished in 1955 and 1956 by Parliamentary statutes, e.g. the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, etc over the strong protest of orthodox Hindu swamis and saints ( e.g. Karpatriji, Prabhudatt Brahmachari, etc ) who said that this will abolish the Hindu religion as Hindu Law emanated from the Vedas, but that never happened. Hindus are still going to temples, doing puja, and observing their rituals, etc.

So abolishing the oudated, feudal sharia will certainly not abolish Islam. Has abolition of the shariat criminal law e.g. abolition of the barbaric law of stoning women to death for adultery ( sangsad ) or cutting off the limbs for theft, put an end to Islam ? So even after abolishing shariat personal law, Muslims will keep going to masjids, saying namaz, etc.

  In fact shariat personal law has kept Muslims backward, because oral talaq ( and burqa ) have kept many Muslims backward.  Since women comprise of half of society, keeping women backward means plucking off one of the two eyes from one's face.

 Shariat was made 1400 years ago. Must society remain stagnant for 1400 years ? Must laws made in the 7th century be applied today though society has totally changed since then? After all, laws must reflect social conditions, and if social conditions have changed, so must the laws. In this age of cars and aeroplanes must one continue travelling on a camel ?

Some Muslims say that sharia was made by Allah. but the same argument was made by orthodox Hindus, who said that the old ( non statutory ) Hindu law emanated from the divine Vedas and so was unchangeable, and orthodox Christians who said that the biblical injunctions regarding marriage etc were made by God.

 Laws have to change as society changes. How long will stupidity be tolerated ? How can you have oral talaq, which keeps a damocles sword hanging over every married Mulsim woman, in this age of equality between men and women.? How can you support burqa, which is really keeping women in cages, in the modern age ? How can you say that if a woman is not wearing a burqa she is naked or in a bikini ( as many idiotic supporters of burqa contend ) ? Is a woman wearing a sari or salwar kameez naked or in a bikini ?

 I know this post will draw a lot of flak on me by many bigoted idiots, but so be it. I am a sworn enemy of idiots.


  1. You've got balls to write this sir. Kudos.

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  3. The cocept of burqa is not as per Indian condition and not that much accepted in India as well. The so called burqa suppoters need to understand that this is the high time and they should change themselves according to the current situation and in the interest of the country. They should now avoid expecting undue advantage and benefit being from a particular religion or cast. We all live in India and we all are Indian nationals. So our country is above all and whosover has any disconnect should be made free to look for better option and situation outside India.

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  6. Concept of Burqa finds its origins in a deep-seated psychic desire to be protected and respected at the same time. Which means, eve-teases must be ruthlessly punished if women are to start giving up the Burqa.

    This also means that many women think if they are in Burqa they won't be spotted and picked up by the RAVANAs out there, and they wouldn't have to undergo a chastity test by entering the fire in the end (like mythological figure Sita had to undergo).

    We also see that it gives anonymity to people without hindrances in routine life, as is observed by Celebrities like Katrina Kaif taking up Burqa while going to Ajmer Dargah, for example. But it's other variant i.e. pallu or pardah exists freely across the Indian subcontinent.. Today the aspects of consideration of beauty are also influential in promoting Burqa: the notion of Black Beauty, for example.

  7. Im am not a follower of any religion but as a female I feel safe and protected to wear Burqa so I wear it regularly. My family are Hindu so they find it odd. But ultimately a woman must have freedom to dress how she chooses, especially for self protection in an unsafe environment. I am a supporter of choice and freedom so the imposition of wearing Burqa is as offensive as imposing a decision to disallow it. Also India as a secular, multi ethnic multi religios multi cultural nation, is represented by many different peoples, religions, ways of dressing and lifestyles, these celebrate our diversity and enhance rather than diminish the identity of India.

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