Thursday 7 May 2015

Indian Islam

Indian Islam is sufi Islam, that is, the Islam of love and compassion for all humanity. Indian Islam cannot be the Wahabi Islam, which is intolerant. That is because India is a country of great diversity, with so many religions, castes, languages, etghnic groups, etc. Hence religious tolerance is absolutely essential if our country is to remain united and prosper.

 80-90% Muslims, not only in India, but even in Pakistan and  Bangladesh, go to dargahs, which are shrines built on graves of sufi saints. These saints  preached love for all humanity. Even Hindus in large numbers go to dargahs. I too, despite being an atheist, go to dargahs, because dargahs unite Indians, and I love whatever unites us.

 But the stupid Wahabi idiots say that dargahs encourage idol worship ( buty parasti ), since graves are worshipped there. The truth is that in dargahs graves are not worshipped, but respect is shown to sufi saints who preached love and compassion for all humanity


  1. I would like you to say more about other religions also as you talk about Hindu and Muslims only. Also you think you have knowledge of everything but world is much bigger and complicated. What are your views of jews? Christians? Budhism? Are they perfect? You are right when you said Wahabism which originated from middle east and in particular from saudi and jordan gave bad name of Islam. Wahabi forces captured the land of madina and other parts and even in today it is spreading wahabism brand of islam though schools and seminary called madrasas. We heard it is not under supervision but damage done earlier. The saudi is called house of sauds who ruled the kingdom and follow 6th century rule. But justice katju you would be happy to know current condition of Saudis are much better than India. In India you have social evils like female foeticide, honor killings, sati killings, dowry, caste based discrimination, poverty, hunger, disease, non functional judiciary where high court hearing and supreme court appeal is out of reach from poor people, rapes, injustice. Can you think of rape in saudi? You will come under the sword then? 60% people dont have access to toilets in india, 70% dont complete above high school. Illiteracy rate is count on people those who attend primary schools.

    Now there is no doubt wahabism and sufi salafism spread across world and things like sunni shia fights and ahmedis feeling discriminated and few muslims got decimated. But there is a difference between a middle east muslim and indian or south east asian muslim.

    How many Muslims killed people across the world? You count that with America killing innocents muslims in iraq, afghanistan and pakistan through drone? It is around 20 million. World war 2 = 6 crore dead. During roman revolution, european transitional phase, holocaust by nazi did 40 lakhs and it was ethnic cleansing. so why muslims came in limelight?

    1. Assalamualaikum wr.wb,saya BPK.KARTA seorang buruh tani di madium jawa timur ingin mengucapka banyak terimah kasih kepada KI WARSA atas bantuan AKI. kini impian saya selama ini sudah jadi kenyataan dan berkat bantuan KI WARSA pula yang telah memberikan angka gaib hasil ritual beliau kepada saya yaitu 4D dan alhamdulillah telah berhasil memenangkan 5x berturut turut tembus.sekali lagi makasih yaa AKI karna waktu itu saya cuma bermodalkan uang cuma 200 ribu dan akhirnya saya menang.Berkat angka gaib hasil ritual AKI WARSA saya sudah buka usaha matreal di jakarta dan istri saya juga buka butyk baju dimall mangga dua. Kini kehidupan keluarga saya jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya,bagi anda yg ingin seperti saya silahkan HUB/SMS AKI WARSA di nomor hpnya di: 0852 4968 9269 atau KLIK DISINI dan ramalan AKI WARSA memang memiliki ramalan GAIB” yang dijamin 100% tembus.

  2. Since last 50 years, there is active insurgency going in middle eastern world and countries like syria, indonesia where people killing each other etc. But same thing happened in sri lanka where LTTE, Synhalese, tamils were killing. In cambodia, khymer rouge order mass genocide of 40 lakhs budhist? have you read that? But Muslims are now enemy of world? How? America's CIA gave money to PAkistan ISI to send mujahidins and others from world came to fight and break Russia and one of them was Osama bin laden who was americas darling once and thats how Al Qaeda was created. Then after seeing americas double game, Al Qaeda became USA enemy, since they were religous and was spreading with their ideology of exposing america, america then said they are doing this in name of religion to turn whole world against muslims.ISIS is creation of Israel? Jews are most cunning and intelligent people in world. Americans are ruled by JEws and all top businessmen and politicians in Republicans party are jews. They have enmity towards muslims? You know that? It does not mean all americans or their leaders are bad. President Obama has soft corner for muslims and he want to help them and many others.

    You talked about Hitler? You remember his speech against Jews and occupation of Israels in Palestine? See on youtube. He said Jewish are evil minded cunning people and order mass genocide that time. Does it mean all jews are bad? You cannot generalize a community based on religion.

    Second you are right religious scholar in islam are last hope for reform if they have to progress as community.

    1. Whom are you trying to convince? A stubborn person who calls himself "atheist + dargah goer + secular + Beef eating Indian" all at once?

  3. sorry america killed 2 million

  4. SORRY SIR Incorrect Knowledge or you are ignoring the facts to prove your views, of course graves are worshiped there, please visit again

    1. Dude graves are not at all prayed over there ..!! as Katju what he is saying its 100% true .. we go over there to show respect, indeed some illiterate fellows does the worship of grave i agree .. but majority of them go over there to show respect.

  5. Dear Markandey Katju Sir,
    I am Imran Rais from Aligarh.
    Sir I being an Indian wish that muslim Indians should stop stamping themselves as Minorities and should play roles equally in main stream society in India by believing in hard work.
    Sir I find you a very important visionary for Indian youth.
    Sir it is my heartly request to deliver your guidelines for muslim youth in India to avoid the useless battle of confusions they meet in their daily lives. In our society youth has been brainwashed against other communities and castes which has always given opportunity to politicians to play divide and rule policy. The worst example is at facebook where I see muslims calling bad names to hindus ( kafir ) and hindus calling bad names to muslims ( katwa, mulla ) which is a very big disease and disaster for our Indian society and future of India. Sir you are my first choice for correcting the Indian youth in this time of civil social media war. This civil social media war is giving birth to crimnals and making people hostile.
    Sir I am not sure if India will ever recover from this disaster but I find you completely non potical visionary who tries to correct Indians in most common issues of Indian society.
    Kindly do the required.
    Thanks a ton Sir.

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