Wednesday 27 May 2015

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are uncivilized countries

This is an email I have received from a Muslim. I have deleted the name of the sender

Dear honorable Justice Katju,
Greetings from India!!!
I hope you are enjoying your stay in Vancouver. I am --- from Mewat(Haryana), famously known as  the land of Meos which is just 50 to 60 Kms from our Capital city.

I have been following your Facebook page since last couple of months. I am really impressed by your uncompromising stand against injustice, tyranny, oppression and uncanny desire to convey the truth fearlessly. Though I don't agree on everything that you say.

I have started to see my own country through the eyes of a victim as there has been constant threat for the existence, property and dignity of minority communities like Muslims, Christians and Dalits.
Anti-minority sentiments are rising exponentially and our great nation has been polarized like never before. I can give you many evidences to validate this statement.

Yesterday while Modi Ji was busy in celebrating Modiversary, the plundering and burning of Muslim homes, places of worship and killing of innocent children and women was going on in Ballabgarh(Haryana). This inhumane act was not even covered by mainstream media.

Another horrific incidence took place against Dalits on 16th May in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. The people of Jat community crushed 3 Dalits under tractor and derobed their women publicly. I can go on and on.

As I have started to consider you as a fighter against injustice and oppression. I ask you how we can totally stop these barbaric acts against minority communities and secure justice to all.
I look forward to receive permanent solutions to stop these inhumane and barbaric acts.
Thanks and Regards

My reply was :

 A hallmark of a civilized society is that minorities therein can live with dignity and honour. It is the duty of the majority community everywhere to ensure that minorities can live with dignity and honour.

 From that standpoint India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not civilized societies, because minorities cannot live with dignity and honour in any of these countries


  1. Dear Sir, I'd like to contest your claim of what defines a civilized society. If your definition is to be taken at face value, then no country is civilized.

    The religious suppression in France, the intolerance of Blacks in the US, the anti-semitism that has never let go of Europe, all of these are instances where the majority community has failed to ensure that minorities can live with 'dignity and honour'.

    Frankly, the question is not whether India is a civilized country. The question is, does the law have enough teeth to punish those who would further their agenda using racial motifs. In the supposedly 'civilized' countries, the law has a clear mandate to arrest and investigate those who would display their hatred as a badge while in India, we do not as yet have that.

    But the reasoning for that is not that Indian society, or Indian lawmakers are uncivilized. We must give ourselves time as a democracy to grow out of our biases. It has not been long enough for India to learn from our (or others') mistakes.

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  2. No doubt.It is time to take up arms to ensure dignified life for our children.Only,say again only arms could make them sit and think. The blood of these barbarians will be the only fitting answer to the death of our loved ones.

  3. Dalits,Minorities should join together to bleed the oppressors.

  4. Dalits,Minorities should join together to bleed the oppressors.

  5. The state and it's instruments are not for us to help.

  6. The hallmark of civic society is every citizen is treated with equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. This view that Majority should look over the minority with special considerations is at best a biased view. We wonder why people who served at highest level in judiciary also share such views, while we understand policos with vested interests having those views.

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