Monday 4 May 2015

Employment and growth in India

The Indian youth voted en masse for B.J.P. in the Lok Sabha elections in the May, 2014, thinking that 'vikas' meant millions of jobs for them. The article given below shows the reality asout the employment situation in India ( see also my blog ' Unemployment in India ' on ).

 It is said that there has been economic growth under the new government in India. Assuming that the statistics about GDP growth are correct ( which is itself doubtful ), the further question, however, which has to be asked is : who is getting the fruits of this growth ? Is it the Indian masses, or is it just a handful of big businessmen ?

 The truth is mentioned in my posts ' The party is over ', ' The dream has evaporated ', ' economic humbug ', ' The Indian budget ', ' Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing ', Thumbs up ', ' Jai ho ', ' The trickle down theory ', etc, which may be seen on


  1. Without any hesitation it would be proper to say that the cogress led govt. led by Dr. Manmohan Singh was incompetent to take care of the issues of the commin men if India. Dr. M. Singh was assugned a wrong job which he is not known for. He could have been a better President or the cheif of the Indian think tank or planning deptt. The congress govt. also ruined the reputation if India. Hence, the people selected the new PM Mr. N. Modi.
    But this is the problem with almist all the Indians that most of the times we promise or commit too much, even beyond our ability, authority, capacity and potential. Mr. N. Modi did the same. And this is the mistake which he might have realised later as well. He is doing nothing special but doing his basic job being a PM of India. There are certain issues which can not be taken care of. But the same was promised by him during the election time like taking the black money back. By taking the example of black money, we all can inly say that the source of black money, the holder of the black money, the location of the black money, the rotation of the black money can be tracked but can not be brought back to India. And trust me I am very practical while saying this. The only thing whuch the govt. Can do is that the govt. can only identify, convict and punish the black money holder by introducing some strict and non negotiable acts by making big ammendments in the constitution of India. I am not sure why he is delaying some the process of to improve the acts and sections of IPC and Cr. P.C. which will eventually help us in improving the Indian law & order situation, trial procedures of the court and setting an example before the wrong people that they might be the next in turn.
    So, I personally think that the current govt. should demonstrate some serious actions for the betterment of India now. No doubt, the current govt. is better than the last govt. But this is not what we all Indian had expected from the new govt before the election.

  2. "Almost all universities and government colleges have anything between 40 to 60 per cent of the jobs lying vacant. In schools, both primary and secondary, over 5 lakh jobs as per a conservative estimate are lying vacant. Add to this the jobs required in hospitals, police, postal services, and other government institutions, several million employment vacancies exist."

    I have a Masters Degree and have teaching experience. I am jobless today as there are only contract jobs, which are like 11th Month agreements.

  3. The current government appears to be concentrating on big ticket changes having impact on poverty eradication and employment creation in the long run. Hence their intentions appears to be good, but whether their thoughts/proposed plans/actions/results are going to be equally positive or not needs to be watched.
    Justice has to follow development, if one attempts development following justice, there is a potential danger of failure because of non cooperation of influential forces within the system.....till date we have not heard any major scam in the new govt. certainly it is a good sign. Their economic wisdom will make lot of difference for quick results, certainly till now there are no signs that their economic wisdom is any different from other indian brains.....time will decide this.

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