Sunday 17 May 2015

Questions to Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad

 Dattu is so shameless that he will never reply to the serious allegations in the dossier against him, or explain where he got the money for building/acquiring the palatial house in Bangalore ( whose photos I have posted on facebook )..Most of the the Indian media are even more shameless since they would not even investigate the serious charges, although I had personally given copies of the dossier to many leading newspapers well before Dattu's elevation as CJI.. Gen. V.K.Singh is vindicated.

 That brings us to Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, who was at the relevant time the Union Law Minister, and to whom also I gave a copy of the dossier, well before Dattu was appointed CJI, with the request that he investigate the serious charges against Dattu contained in the dossier.

 Now here are some questions for Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad :

1. Is it, or is it not, true that over a month before it was announced by the Govt. of India that Dattu would be the next CJI, I sent you a copy of the dossier containing several serious allegations against Dattu, particularly relating to the land deals in his and his family members name, many of them in clear violation of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act,which revealed he had amassed a fortune, and the palatial house he had built/acquired in Bangalore ?

2. If your answer to the above is in the affirmative, what action did you take  thereafter ? Did you inform about the dossier to the Prime Minister, and if you did, what action did you and the Prime Minister take ? Did you and the Prime Minister get the allegations against Dattu verified, or you simply ignored them ?

3. If you got them verified, through whom did you get them verified, and where is the report of the agency which verified them ?

4. Did you or some other member of your government show the dossier to Dattu and ask for his explanation ? If not, why not ? If yes, what explanation did he give ? Did you specifically ask where he got the money for building/acquiring the palatial house in Bangalore, and acquiring the several plots in his and his family members name, and why was his wife's name mentioned showing the name of her father and not himself ? Is it true that several of the transactions were in violation of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act ?

5. Every Supreme Court Judge has to give a list of his assets which are put up on the Supreme Court website ( supremecourtof ) Did you, or did you not, look into the list of assets disclosed by Dattu ? It seems he has not mentioned therein about the palatial house in Bangalore which he has built/acquired, and many of the plots he and his family members have acquired in violation of law ( particularly the Karnataka land Reforms Act ) or the relevant schemes ? Did you ask Dattu for his explanation for this omission ?


  1. Sir G, If you do not want to see the obvious then why blame others ?

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  2. Ravi Shankar and Mr. Katju are both caught in dilemma over how can they be true Hindu in the times of universal theft when Swami Agnivesh is pointing to dictionary to say that Hindu means Thief and Secularisation is largely not practical.

    The system that doesn't build accountability in its authorities is bound to lead such authorities to UN-NATURAL Death.

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  4. Justice Katju has demonstrated uncanny & renarkable sense of guts & nerves by making a clear single point allegation against the CJI & the Minister caring for nothing like revegeful action which may come in the form of use/misuse of section defamation & contempt of court IPC for the contents & tone of language; somewhere it appears that justice of SC & chairman of PTI may not use a platform to air grievance in trivia; imperative it is on part of the constitution body & the minister to come out with appropriate reply else the charge sticks forever.

  5. Ravi Shankar Prasad is a lawyer. For lawyer types, like Jaitley, Ravishankar Prasad etc, your accusations appear petty and unworthy to pursue, because they deal this far serious crimes everyday. But I agree, Ravi Shankar Prasad, as a law minister, should have informed home ministry to enquire the accusations. At least, he should have asked Dattu himself about the accusation and sought his reply. I don't think he has done anything. He might have simply threw it in dustbin thinking it was a routine complaint. by the way, Mr.Katju, the selection of successor happens when incumbent retires in a few days. Surely, CJI RM Lodha must have been in office then, why did you not write to him about the allegation against Dattu? Who is the proper authority to complain against a Supreme Court judge? Chief Justice of India or Law Minister? CJI RM Lodha was the boss of Dattu, not law minister Ravi Shankar prasad. The proper authorities to complain against a sitting judge: 1) CJI RM Lodha 2) President 3) Prime Minister. You better would have marked cc to them. I know you have pathological hatred for Narendra Modi. But still marking cc would not be that difficult.

  6. Mr. R. Pd. Will not reply and would skip these questions by using his own discretion. I would request to Indian Paliament or the Hon' ble Apex court to explain and define the word Discretion. Because everybody uses this word at least 10 times a day to get rid of actual problems or issues.

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