Friday 8 May 2015

To Patriots

This is a message I received on fb :

Dear Markandey Katju Sir,
I am ---- from Aligarh.
Sir  being an Indian I wish that Muslim Indians should stop stamping themselves as minorities and should play roles equally in main stream society in India by believing in hard work.

Sir I find you a very important visionary for Indian youth.

Sir it is my hearty request that you deliver your guidelines for Muslim youth in India to avoid the useless battle of confusions they meet in their daily lives.

 In our society youth has been brainwashed against other communities and castes which has always given opportunity to politicians to play divide and rule policy. The worst example is at facebook where I see Muslims calling bad names to Hindus ( kafir ) and hindus calling bad names to Muslims ( katwa, mulla ) which is a very big disease and disaster for our Indian society and future of India.

Sir you are my first choice for correcting the Indian youth in this time of civil social media war. This civil social media war is giving birth to crimnals and making people hostile.

Sir I am not sure if India will ever recover from this disaster but I find you completely non potical visionary who tries to correct Indians in most common issues of Indian society.

Kindly do the required.
Thanks a ton Sir.

I have asked this young man to send me his email id. When I get back to India i intend to set up an organization of such patriotic people, which will not fight elections, but will work for secularism and the upliftment of India.

 I am looking for such patriotic people, but want to warn them that our struggle will not be easy, and they will have to make sacrifices. There are powerful vested interests which want to keep India backward and poor, and its people fighting against each other.  They will become our enemies, and will attack us


  1. Anytime and everytime sir!
    This is the high time for us (youths) to understand this issue and its widespreading poisonous effect too.

  2. Anytime and everytime sir!
    This is the high time for us (youths) to understand this issue and its widespreading poisonous effect too.

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