Monday 13 June 2016


This is a story told to me by a friend, Ram Lakhan Chaturvedi, who was elder to me by many years, and is now no more
He was once a student of BHU, and he had a Bihari room mate in his hostel
Once Ram Lakhan was deep asleep in the night in his hostel room, when  it started raining heavily, but that did not disturb Ram Lakhan's sleep.
At that time someone started shouting " Ram Lakhanwa, Ram Lakhanwa ". After some time Ram Lakhan got up and saw it was his Bihari room mate who was shouting.
Ram Laknan, angered by the disturbance of his sleep, asked the Bihari :
क्या है बे ?
The Bihari replied
बिजुरी ( lightning )
Ram Lakhan said : :
तो क्या हुआ ?
The Bihari replied
चमकत बा ( it is flashing ):
At this Ram Lakhan gave a curse to the Bihari, and then again went off to sleep
 I hope Biharis take no offence to this story

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