Monday 6 June 2016

Niyog Pratha in America

There was a custom in ancient India that if a man was impotent, he could permit his wife to have sex with another man ( usually a  Brahmin ) and thereby have a child. This custom was known as Niyog Pratha, and the son born of Niyog was called a 'Kshetrajya Putra', and was legally on the same footing as the son born by the wife through  her legally wedded husband, who was called an 'Auras Putra' .

 Thus, Hanumanji was a kshetrajya, not an auras putra. His mother was Anjani, and she was wedded to Kesari, who was impotent. So she got impregnated by a Brahmin ( probably with the consent of Kesari ), and Hanumanji was thereby born.

 That is why Hanumanji, has two fathers, and is called both Kesari Nandan ( son of Kesari ), and also Pawan Putra ( son of Pawan, the wind god ). Obviously the wind cannot impregnate a woman, and so that is only a myth. A Brahmin must have done it.

 Dhritrashtra and Pandu, fathers of the Kauravas and Pandavas, were both Kshetrajya putras. Their father, King Vichitraveerya, was impotent, and so the Brahmin Rishi Vyasa ( known as Veda Vyasa ) was requested by Vichitraveerya to impregnate his wives Ambika and Ambalika. and they gave birth to Dhritrashtra and Pandu ( it is said that Vyasa was so ugly that Ambika covered her face with her hands to avoid seeing him, and so Dhritrashtra was born blind, while Ambalika grew so pale and yellow with fright on seeing him,  that Pandu was born with some skin ailment which turned his skin yellow ).'

 Pandu, too, was impotent, so his wives Kunti and Madiri were impregnated by the Brahmin Rishi Vashisht, to produce the Pandavas and Kauravas. So they too were kshetrajya putras.

 I was watching Youtube recently, and found that the husband of an an American woman was impotent, but like most women, she too wanted a child. Her husband was very understanding ( as all husbands should be ), and suggested she take a lover and beget a child through him, which she did. 

Now all three are living together happily, along with the child which the woman had through her lover.

 So Americans are learning from us
Hari Om
One Woman Lives With Two Husbands
I am not advising Indians anything to do. Just stating some facts.

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