Sunday 5 June 2016

The ominous situation in South East Asia

A Global Economic Recession is going on…/3967562-sure-feels-like-global-re…
Europe is badly hit, and so are America and China. So these countries are struggling to find new markets and sources of cheap raw materials, particularly in South Asia as a way out of their distress..
There is a dispute between America and China for control over the South China Sea.…/us-asia-security-idUSKCN0YQ01N
The dispute between USA, which is facing a recession, and China, whose economy has slowed down considerably, for control over South Asia is spilling over into India and Pakistan.
Modi has taken India firmly into the American camp. So China is making its own counter moves. It is dominating Nepal, has come closer to Pakistan, and is arming the anti-Indian insurgency in Kashmir and the North East, in an attempt to carve out of India an area of its own influence and control.…/mother-china-a-chinese-revolution-swee…/
The Americans and Chinese will not fight each other themselves. They are both nuclear powers, and have too much invested in each other's economies for that. But there is nothing to stop them fighting proxy wars, which they will. And India is directly in the frontline..
It seems we are sitting on a keg of gunpowder, which may explode anytime

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