Sunday 19 June 2016

Court of Last Resort
I had conceived of the idea of setting up a Court of Last Resort after reading the book with that title by the American lawyer, who became famous by his Perry Mason stories.
Many innocent people are languishing in jail in India for several years, and some were finally found innocent by the Court, but only after spending the best years of their lives in jail. The idea of this organization was to help them.
Perry Mason had set up an organization by that name in USA, which functioned for many years, and helped many innocent people incarcerated in jail to be freed. Many of the events are mentioned in his book, and some can be seen on Youtube.
However what made me reconsider was the thought that considering the low level of morality prevailing in our country today, where is the gurantee that some unscrupulous people will not infiltrate the organization and use it for extracting money from victims, by promising to help them, or do some other misdeed ? That would stigmatize all those who set up the organization.
So we have to carefully consider all aspects before setting up the organization

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