Tuesday 7 June 2016

The Coming Storm

In Charles Dickens' famous novel ' A Tale of Two Cities ', there is an interesting discussion between Defarge and his wife Madame Defarge.

They run a small wine shop in Paris, but secretly are revolutionaries ( before the French Revolution of 1789 )..

While Defarge has become pessimistic, and shows a very human weariness with the seemingly endless road which will lead to the revolution, Madame Defarge remains unswerving in her commitment to the cause. She views the movement as a creation process that will produce the relentless forces of vengeance and retribution.

Defarge is depressed, and complains that though they have been working for the revolution for years, it has not come about.

Madame Defarge explains to her husband "It is your weakness that you sometimes need to see your victim and your opportunity, to sustain you."

" But why is the revolution so delayed ?. " says Defarge, " It does not take a long time for lightning to strike down a man "

"How long," asked Madame, composedly, "does it take to make and store the lightning? Tell me. An earthquake takes a second to kill thousands of people and destroy thousands of houses. But how 
much time does it take to build that earthquake ?

You have contributed to making the revolution. Let that itself be your satisfaction "

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