Saturday 11 June 2016


A friend of mine, Mr. Sharma, came to meet me just now.

 He said he had been following my fb posts, and wanted me to write something about Sharmas on fb.
 I told him that many Sharmas had made the same request to me on fb, but unless I do research about Sharmas I would not like to comment.

 He said that Sharmas are pure Brahmins.

 I replied that many people claimed to be Brahmins, but I had doubted the authenticity of their claims.
 For instance, I had doubted whether Chaturvedis were Brahmins ( see my post on Chaturvedis on my blog and by typing ' Katju Chaturvedi ' on Youtube ).

 Many Gosains claim to be Brahmins, but I doubted that ( see my post on Gosains on fb and on my blog ).

 Bhargavas claim to be Brahmins, but I was told that they are really banias ( being a mainly trading community ), who took a ' double promotion '  by themselves some time in the 19th century, and declared themselves as Brahmins ( though Bhargavas, like Chaturvedis, traditionally only marry among themselves, and other Brahmins will not inter marry with them ).

 So I said that I have to do deep research about Sharmas before commenting on them, or declaring them as Brahmins.

 I said that I give certificates only after doing deep research, and my certificates are not for sale. So he will have to wait until my research is complete.

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