Wednesday 8 June 2016

Sardarji jokes

I was amused to hear that Their Lordships of the Supreme Court, in their divine wisdom, have decided to hear a case in which the prayer was to ban Sardarji jokes. The petitioner alleged that many Sikhs are hurt by such jokes.
 Now I was sitting at a party where one gentleman said " Sardars are fools ".
" On the contrary ", I said, " I can prove it to you right now that Sardars are more intelligent than other human beings ".
And then I told this story.
Once 4 persons boarded an aircraft as passengers---a Britisher, a German, a Pakistani, and a Sardar.
After take off, and after the plane had flown for some time, the pilot said to the passengers that the plane will crash as it was too heavy.
" No problem " said the Britisher. " Long Live the King ", he shouted, and jumped off.
 But after some time the pilot said that the plane was still too heavy.
 " No problem ", said the German. " Long live the Kaiser " he shouted , and jumped off.
But thereafter the pilot again said that the plane was too heavy.
" No problem " said the Sardarji, and catching the Pakistani threw him out off the plane

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