Friday 24 June 2016

Eating beef and pork

I eat pork ( particularly ham and bacon ) and also beef, if legally permitted.

I reside in Noida, U.P. where beef is prohibited by law, so I do not eat it here. But when I go to Kerala, Goa or some other state where it is legally permitted I eat it.

I am not compelling anyone to eat beef or pork, but I see nothing wrong in it. Almost the whole world eats beef. And I regard cow as an animal, like any other animal, e.g. a dog or a horse. It is certainly not 'gomata'. An animal cannot be the mother of a human being. And my reply to those who say that beef eating hurts Hindu sentiments is that I will keep attacking stupid sentiments, whether Hindu or Muslim. Not all sentiments are rational.

As regards pork, it was rightly prohibited by Islam because in earlier times there were no modern dairies, and pigs often ate filth, which could cause diseases like tapeworm. But now pigs are raised in modern dairies in hygienic conditions, so I have suggested to Muslims to eat pork just like any other kind of meat, and ignore these Maulanas who have kept many of you backward..

As for people who are inclined to beat up Muslim meat eaters ( usually accusing them of eating beef ), let them come to me. I have a danda waiting for them which is getting impatient

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