Thursday 16 June 2016

The great Indian Urdu poet Majrooh Sultanpuri was once invited to a mushaira in Pakistan. There he read the following sher ( couplet ) :

बुला ही बैठे अहल-इ -हरम तो ऐ मजरूह
हम भी बग़ल में लिए एक सनम का हाथ चले

Bula hi baithe ahal-e-haram to ai Majrooh
Hum bhi baghal mein ek sanam ka haath chale
The word 'ahal' means people, 'e' means of, and 'haram' ordinarily means Kaaba. But in this context 'ahal-e-haram' means Pakistan ( since Pakistan had declared itself an Islamic state )..
The word 'sanam' has a double meaning. It means idol, as well as beautiful woman.
 So Majrooh says that although he has been called to a holy Islamic land, but he has brought his idol with him ( i.e.he has not forsaken India ( where most people worship idols, which is forbidden in Islam )

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