Monday 27 June 2016

The Indian Revolution is coming

I had said in my earlier posts that our national aim must be to make India a modern, highly industrialized, prosperous country in which all our citizens, not just a small minority, are getting decent lives and enjoying a high standard of living ( see my two articles ' Our National Aim ' on my blog ).

I also said that this is only possible by a revolution, not reforms. Our state institutions ( Parliament, the judiciary, bureaucracy, etc ) have largely become hollow and empty shells, and the Constitution, which did serve a useful purpose for some time, has now exhausted itself ( see my article ' A French Revolution is coming in India ' on my blog ).. No amount of tinkering with the present system in India will do. The solution to our massive problems lie outside the system, not within it.

However, for a revolution to break out there must be two prerequisites.

The first is that the people must be in great economic and social distress. This certainly exists today in India, with the massive poverty, alarming level of unemployment, malnutrition in half our children, almost total lack of healthcare and good education for our masses, terrible plight of farmers, which has driven hundreds of thousands to suicide, etc.

However this by itself normally does not lead to revolution, however grave it may be. There is a second requirement for that, and that is that an international crisis should break out. It was the First World War which led to the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War which led to the Chinese Revolution.

What form this international crisis will take, cannot be foretold, as we can never be rigid about forms.
But this crisis is now unfolding before us, beginning with the events in Britain. It was no doubt building up with the world wide economic recession which had been going on for several years, but now it has taken a political turn ( see my articles ' An analysis of Brexit ' and ' The world wide economic crisis and Brexit ' on my blog ). Britain's vote for leaving the UK, and the confusion following in its aftermath ( see my article ' The Great Chaos ' on my blog ) is an event not localized to the UK but has world wide implications.

As the events now unfold, great historical changes are inevitable, and the Indian Revolution is coming nearer ( though it will still take many years to occur, cause immense suffering among the people, as it happens in all revolutions, and call for great sacrifices by the patriotic sections of our people ). The second prerequisite of a revolution is now fast developing in India

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